Samantha Garcia Gagnon

My journey into this work started with the birth of my first two children. As a first time parent, I took a really hands off approach to my birth. I was going to "go with the flow" as so many parents do. And while this may be the right choice for some, it was not the right one for me. I joke that I spent more time researching what washing machine to buy then I did my birth. And after that first experience, I knew what was missing was having a dedicated support team and a real understanding of what was going on.

With my second birth, I became obsessed with learning all there was about birth. I even did my first doula training when I was pregnant, not because I wanted to become a doula, but because I thought doulas had some magical powers to make birth awesome. I discovered it wasn't magic (though I have been told I have magic hands! ha!) , it was more. I went on to birth my baby and finished that birth feeling like Superwoman. After that experience, I knew birth would always be a part of my life.

​I began working across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and my business grew very quickly. I have been able to build a massive nest of the best resources for my clients. I am so proud of the community that has grown surrounding The Maya's Nest

I live in Pitt Meadows, with my husband Michael, and my three kids Joseph, Estelle and Solomon. I support families in Ridge Meadows, Tri-cities, Langley, Surrey and New Westminster, at home, or in the hospital.

I am a BIRTH DOULA, BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER, Certified Car Seat Technician and on the Board of Directors for the DOULA ASSOCIATION of BC.


March 7 & 8, 2020 | Coast Hotel in Langley | $5 online, $10 at the door.

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